Building with timber - Capability statement

28 September 2016
Over the past 60 years we have been at the forefront of timber technology and a leading designer with this natural material. Read how we designed and engineered some of the UK’s and world’s largest and tallest timber buildings.
Building with timber - capability statement. Ramboll

Building with timber - capability statement. Ramboll


Ramboll. Gavin White. Image courtesy of Paulina Sobczak Photography

Gavin White

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Ramboll. Alan Dowdall.

Alan Dowdall

Technical Associate
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Oliver Neve. Ramboll

Oliver Neve

Principal Engineer
T: +44 7870 808 407

Combining modern engineering and manufacturing techniques, we can now readily achieve interesting and complex building forms. Through our work with leading universities, including Cambridge University, the University of Bath, Imperial College London and collaboration with industry, including a proactive involvement with Trada; The Timber Research and Development Association, we are pushing the limits and maximising the potential of this dynamic and sustainable material.

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Company registration

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