Build to Rent Forum – Modular Housing panel debate

28 March 2018
Ramboll’s Buildings Director, Tom Shaw, recently joined a panel of influential industry experts to explore the extent to which modular housing is impacting the build to rent sector. 


Tom Shaw. Ramboll

Tom Shaw

Director, Buildings and residential lead UK
T: +44 7843 329 490

This video shows the full panel debate.

Organised by the Build to Rent Forum, the panel was chaired by James Duncan of Winckworth Sherwood. Joining Tom was Mark Farmer, CEO of Cast Agency and author of the influential Modernise or Die report into the construction industry, Rosie Toogood, chief executive of L&G Modular Homes, and Graham Sibley of the National House Building Council (NHBC).

Following an introductory presentation from Mark Farmer the panel discussed the absolute necessity of industry change, and a range enablers and constraints on the adoption of modular offsite housing in the UK. Hot topics, including outdated ‘prefab’ myths, insurability, proprietary offsite manufacture, digitalisation and open source standards were discussed.


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