Soul of Nørrebro wins a World Landscape Architecture Award

9 May 2017
The visionary climate adaptation project in Copenhagen received an ‘Award of Excellence’ for its nature-based climate adaptation solutions that create new hydrological, biological and social ecosystems.
Hans Tavsens Park, Nørrebro, Copenhagen

Hans Tavsens Park, Nørrebro, Copenhagen


Christian Nyerup Nielsen

Director, Climate Adaptation & Landscape
T: +45 5161 6277

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By Martin Zoffmann

World Landscape Architecture is a globally recognized ‘webzine’ and they honoured ‘The Soul of Nørrebro’ for being a best practice example on providing climate adaptation and resiliency while adding social and recreational value.

The project centres on the renewal and climate adaptation of Hans Tavsens Park and Korsgade in Inner Nørrebro in Copenhagen. The 140 million DKK (20 million US Dollars) urban space project will be a flagship example of how cities can deal with cloudbursts in dense inner city neighbourhoods while adding unique social, cultural and natural values to increase the life quality of its residents.

Last year, the project beat out 145 entries from the Nordics and won Scandinavia’s largest and most ambitious architecture competition regarding sustainable urban development, Nordic Built Cities Challenge.


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