Building bridges in Africa

13 September 2019
Crossing the Makurungwe River in Rwanda can be a dangerous undertaking. But something members of the Gashyushya community must do to get to the market, school or hospital. The river frequently floods for days at a time, causing injuries and death for people who attempt to cross. Five Ramboll engineers are going to change that.
The inauguration of the footbridge across the Ngame in Uganda in 2018

The inauguration of the footbridge across the Ngame in Uganda in 2018


Xavier Echegeray

Xavier Echegaray Jaile

Senior Bridge Engineer
T: +44 7870 807 121
Michael Stevns

Michael Stevns

Director Communications Transportation and Buildings
T: +45 51614846

Bridges to Prosperity

In September 2019, Ramboll will for the second year in a row, send a team of engineers to Africa together with the NGO “Bridges to Prosperity” (B2P), to help build a footbridge across the river, providing safe year-round access for the local communities. 

Working on bridges is something many Ramboll employees do every day, however the Gashyushya suspension bridge is very different both in scale and in support. For more than 2,000 members of the Murama, Munini and surrounding communities the bridge will provide safe, year-round access, improving accessibility and providing an opportunity for economic growth for the communities.

“Working on a project that will make a difference in so many people’s lives is an amazing opportunity. Moreover, this experience will make us grow both personally and professionally.” says Roser Marrè bridge engineer who will function as Project Lead working out of Ramboll’s Copenhagen office.

The Team

The Ramboll team will spend two weeks in Rwanda building the superstructure of the bridge alongside the local community and B2P staff. They will aim to generate a positive impact for local labourers; they will lead by example working in accordance with Health and Safety training and using safety equipment provided by Ramboll and B2P.

“Personally, I’m looking forward to using my professional skills in practice – not just on paper. The bridge will be constructed solely by hand, even the large cables will be installed purely by manpower! Working side by side - locals and colleagues – on building such a stunning structure made mostly out of wood and steel will be a unique experience,” says Roser Marrè.

The other four Ramboll team members are:

  • Sulabh Gupta, Construction Lead from Ramboll India
  • Anthony Little, Safety Lead from Ramboll Finland
  • Gustav Good, Logistics Coordinator from Ramboll Sweden and
  • Jian Fong, Communications Coordinator from Ramboll UK.

The project runs from the 14th to the 28th of September and will place the team in an unfamiliar environment, with little of the back-up one would expect in advanced engineering projects in the developed world. You can follow the daily progress of the team by subscribing to the project blog, or follow us on Instagram and Facebook where you can also find out more about the team and the project.

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