Engineering heroes – today and tomorrow

For International Women in Engineering Day 2021, we are showcasing seven brilliant female role models from across the world at Ramboll – who we think are superheroes. They deliver ingenuitive and inspiring projects with sustainability at their heart and play an important role in shaping a thriving society. 

Only a fraction of female students globally select STEM-related fields in higher education – 8% for engineering, manufacturing and construction courses (World Economic Forum).

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Get to know our heroes better below.


Catherine Grant – Senior consultant, Australia. AKA Captain Community

If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be? --- “I would like to see more empathy in the world. The ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes is, I believe, really critical to creating a more hopeful future”.  

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Jessie Tan - Buildings project director, Singapore. AKA Super Structor

What was your favourite game as a child? --- “I role-played with my sister. I would imagine myself as a teacher or a mother and would dress in my mum’s clothes with a feather duster in my hand, pretending to give a lecture”.

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Kaya Patel – Graduate rail engineer, UK. AKA Rail Rocket

What were your favourite subjects at school? --- “My favourite subjects were Maths and Art. I liked Maths because it was always so satisfying getting the right answer at the end of a long calculation, and Art allowed me to show off my creative side”.

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Larisa Maya-Drysdale – Associate manager, Denmark. AKA Green Star

How have you helped support others in creating better outcomes for them or wider society? --- "I have been part of several NGO’s to raise awareness about female inequality in Mexico, giving me the chance to talk to many young girls who feel powerless."

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Montserrat F. Telseth – Buildings divisional director, Norway. AKA Electro

How does Ramboll support you in being your best self at work? --- "Ramboll gives me the space and support required to develop my division and myself as a leader, and by supporting my initiatives helping us achieve the best results."

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Philippa Spence – Managing director, UK. AKA Captain Climate

What do you love most about your role? --- "Holding a position that allows you a platform to lead & inspire a talented group of people to achieve great things is an immense privilege & responsibility – it is this that makes me love my job."

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Swati Shah – Director Buildings, India. AKA Design Dynamo

What’s your favourite project you have worked on? --- "We are currently working on a Museum project in Delhi, which is a complex design and ambitious in its sustainability objectives - it is fast becoming my favourite one so far!"

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