We know that our environment needs to be looked after better, we also know that we need good buildings, roads and parks, for people to live healthily and happily.

In this activity pack you can get a peek into the careers of those who design where we live. You will be able to see for yourself the difference you could have in these jobs and help minimise the impact we have on our planet.

  • What ages is the pack for? - the pack includes a range of activities for 5-15 year olds.
  • What activities does it include? - In this video Kaya Patel - Graduate rail engineer Ramboll, takes you through the activities in the pack. 

Email us if you would like to share your work or arrange a school visit from one of our STEM ambassadors.

Download the STEM pack

What is the Hope Sculpture?

The sculpture by Steuart Padwick, artist and designer, is 20m high, and at the top is an age, gender, race neutral child, embracing the surrounding nature and is reaching out to a greener, hopeful future. It is constructed using low carbon, reclaimed, recycled or sustainable materials, of which, almost all were locally sourced. The project is a COP26 legacy gift to Glasgow from Ramboll, Steuart Padwick, Aggregate Industries, Urban Union, Keltbray and 50 other organisations. It is a showcase of how industry, organisations and people are committed to build more sustainably, as we transition to a net zero future.

It will serve as a beacon of hope and positivity towards reaching global environmental milestones and a reminder that we, as a society do care about each other and our planet.


Solutions from the engineers

View the engineering example answers to help teachers, or those leading the activities see how the ‘Quick rush to Glasgow’ and ‘Build your own district heating network’ tasks could be answered.