Stepan Ruzicka

MSc PhD CEnv MCIWEM, Director, Environment and Health

T: +44 2076 315 291

“"We use scientific methods to understand probabilities — that's why we're confident in our ability to manage risk."”

Stepan Ruzicka joined the practice in 2003, becoming Associate in 2004 and Director in 2007. Stepan founded Ramboll UK's environmental consultancy service, which he manages from our London office.

To the role, he brings a background in scientific research and more than a decade's experience as an environmental consultant. Areas of particular expertise include environmental impact assessment, contaminated land assessment, land reclamation, remediation design and due diligence auditing.

Stepan is a fluent communicator with excellent understanding of the pressures faced by clients, regulators and planning authorities. He is expert in clarifying and resolving environmental issues, often through identifying ways to manage risk appropriately. His knowledge of relevant legislation, including liability, is comprehensive and current.

Within Ramboll UK, Stepan is responsible for internal environmental reviews across all disciplines and is often called upon to provide first level specialist input to projects — particularly with regard to risk. He has lectured at Leeds University and the University of East London, and publishes regularly on aspects of environmental consultancy.

Recent projects

Sheffield University Resource Centre

As part of a larger project to enhance student services, we worked on the new resource centre for Sheffield University. The five to seven storey concrete frame structure houses study spaces, book stacks, classrooms, offices and a visitor centre.

At the building's north elevation, the upper floors are sawtoothed in plan, with glazing on the inner flat edge of each tooth and copper cladding on the curved outer edge. The ground floor is extensively glazed with some stone treatment. The south elevation is a straight plane; here the floor plate is stepped back to allow for a full height lightwell, with a steel and glass scissor stair providing circulation to all levels.

The concrete frame is exposed to provide thermal mass. To achieve a high quality finish while maximizing ...

The Hepworth Wakefield

The new Hepworth Wakefield gallery is the focal point of regeneration on the River Calder waterfront, formerly the site of a huddle of low mill buildings. It houses a collection of sculpture by local-born artist Barbara Hepworth alongside the works of other prominent artists, and is one of the largest art galleries yet built outside London.

Tate Modern

Officially opened on 17th June 2016 the new Tate Modern extension later named the Blavatnik building is an iconic world-class addition to London’s skyline. Enabling new ways to display Tate's collection, the new building has been instrumental to Tate Modern's recent success, as it topped the polls as the UK's most visited attraction in 2018.

Tithebarn city centre regeneration

We are working on various aspects of the new masterplan for the city centre of Preston, Lancashire. The area concerned is known as Heart of the Tithebarn Regeneration Area (HTRA) and covers approximately 14.8 hectares. The masterplan provides for 32 new-build blocks, the refurbishment of existing structures, relocation of the bus station and a considerable area of new retail space, leisure facilities, public spaces and car parking.

Among the key environmental aspects considered during the evolution of the scheme have been land quality, archaeology, ecology (there are bats on the site), noise impacts, air quality, microclimate, drainage, townscape, visual context and waste management. Impact on the local economy and social structure have also been studied.

Our consultants undertook preliminary microclimate analysis of daylight, sunlight and wind flow on the development site and the surrounding area. The objective of the wind flow analysis was to ensure that the proposals offered a year-round comfortable external environment.

Our infrastructure engineers have completed an extensive 3D earthworks model of the proposed new bus station area that optimises the cut and fill volumes. A comprehensive drainage strategy has been developed that minimises the need for sewer diversion. The surface water strategy endorses the use of Sustainable Drainages Systems (SUDS) and includes rainwater harvesting, porous paving and the extensive use of green/brown roofs.


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