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Simon Corness

Project Director

T: +44 7554 450 547

“It's important to find solutions that address the environmental issues on site in a financially viable way.”

Simon Corness joined Ramboll in 2009, after 15 years experience in the industry. He runs the London-based Environment & Nature team and is responsible for contaminated land projects in the south of England.

With the growing emphasis on site-specific approaches to mitigating contaminated land, Simon ensures he and his team stay abreast of evolving legislation and changing methodologies in this field.

As a project director, Simon is responsible for desk-based risk assessments and site investigations, designing and implementing mitigation strategies including environmental specifications and material management plans, as well as verifying the final site condition.

Ideally, Simon and his team are called in at an early stage of a project to assess potential risks from contaminated land. Where this happens, it is easier to provide a more cost-effective solution. Often working together with colleagues in other Ramboll teams, Simon advises on how structural designs can take account of contamination in the most cost-beneficial way.

When it comes to managing his 11-strong team, Simon's approach is to encourage them to take ownership and responsibility for their projects. He helps team members identify the potential pitfalls on projects and he guides their overall approach. Then, fostering their capacity for independent thinking, he encourages them to devise their own solutions, checking with him where necessary.

Simon is currently consulting on contaminated land projects in several sectors.


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