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Raf Orlowski

Director, Acoustics

T: +44 7810 646 067

“Acoustics success depends on communicating a passion for sound quality to the whole design and construction team.”

Raf Orlowski joined the practice as Director in 2009. Raf has an international reputation as an acoustician and heads Ramboll's acoustics team in the UK. As a researcher at the universities of Cambridge and Salford, he gained extensive experience of architectural acoustics, building acoustics and noise control. Working as a consultant, his specialisations include the design of performance spaces, educational facilities and public buildings.

He has worked on the design of concert halls in London, Denmark, Melbourne and Krakow, and on music teaching facilities throughout the UK. He is a champion of sound quality in educational buildings and acts as an advisor to the UK's Department for Children, Schools & Families, contributing to the development of regulations and working with design teams and contractors on standards and compliance.

Convinced of the part that sound has to play in shaping better environments, Raf is linking Ramboll's initiatives for innovation with research into architectural acoustics at the University of Cambridge and investigations into soundscaping at the University of Sheffield, where he is a visiting professor.

Raf's background in both research and consultancy enables him to understand clients’ need to experience the potential acoustic environment of their projects. He is an expert communicator on acoustic performance, and using modelling techniques and aural demonstrations, combines objective predictions with subjective evaluations in order to set the standards required and demonstrate that they are being achieved.



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