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Peter Curran

Spearhead Director, Major Crossings, UK

T: +44 7736 497 481

Peter has been involved in many high profile major bridge projects including the award winning: Gateshead Millennium Bridge; MediaCityUK Footbridge across the Manchester Ship Canal; the landmark Twin Sails Bridge, Poole, and the iconic Queensferry Crossing on the Forth estuary.

Peter was overall Design Joint Venture Project Director of the £1.35b Queensferry Crossing project in Scotland, one of the world’s largest cable-stayed bridges. He was responsible for leading the design and supervision of the works, reporting directly to the Joint Venture Board. With around 150 people working on the design at its peak, in four different design centres, in four different countries, establishing clear communication is vital. Peter takes an open, collaborative approach to ensure all the teams within the design joint venture work together effectively.

After almost 30 years working on high-profile bridge projects, Peter has a deep understanding of technical issues, materials and structural forms. He has built cable-stayed, arched, beam, and tension bridges, and worked in concrete, steel and timber. Peter’s portfolio of projects includes highway bridges, rail bridges, footbridges, opening bridges and major bridge crossings. While many of his projects have been new builds, he has also delivered bridge strengthenings and refurbishments.

Peter Curran is International Bridge Director within the Civil Engineering Group of Ramboll in the UK. He joined consulting engineers Gifford (now Ramboll) in 1983 as a graduate engineer, became an Associate in 1996 and a Partner in 2005. 

Recent projects

CitySuites, Chapel Street

Located adjacent to central Manchester and Manchester Victoria train stations, the CitySuites Chapel Street project is set to act as a catalyst for the cross city regeneration in Salford. CitySuites fuses the luxury touches of a hotel with the home comforts of residential living. 

Dean's Eye rose window reconstruction, Lincoln Cathedral

Lincoln's cathedral lies in the heart of the city and is a fine example of Gothic architecture. Its rose window, known as Dean's Eye, dates from 1220 and was constructed using a daring structural concept. It had started to fail not long after, and its stone tracery was now beyond repair, although the original glasswork was still in tact. Our structural and conservation engineers worked with the Cathedral Works Department to reconstruct the 7.5m diameter window.

The rose window's structure consists of a limited number of stone members holding 13th century stained glass in place. It is only 230mm thick and reconstruction of the stonework was not straightforward. As investigations progressed, other complications arose, such as instability of the cathedral's north transept, which wa ...


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