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Paul Steen

Department Manager, UK District Energy

T: +44 7970 615 407

Curriculum vitae

Paul Steen joined the practice as an engineer in 2000. He became an Associate in 2007.

Paul is highly experienced in the planning, design and supervision of a diverse range of construction project types in the energy, marine, infrastructure and built environment sectors. He is a geotechnical engineer and project manager, based in our Edinburgh office.

A natural leader and problem solver, Paul brings a sound understanding of the needs and requirements of a project's owners and stakeholders to working effectively in multi-discipline teams. Among his key strengths is the ability to identify technical and commercial risks, and he uses his problem-solving capabilities to derive appropriate solutions.

He also brings a strategic appreciation to engineering project management, whatever the scale of project — from feasibility studies to large projects on difficult sites with complex ground conditions. He works to continuously develop his technical understanding of issues affecting engineering design.

Paul often works in the energy sector, project managing renewable energy production and distribution projects, including biomass and biogas facilities. He has a deep understanding of how such projects are put together and that a successful energy production facility is the product of the combined effects of a number of inputs, processes and controls. He is well-versed in the regulation of waste, energy production and environmental impacts in the UK.

Recent projects

BBC W1 project

The BBC has developed a new broadcasting complex consisting of two new, linked buildings and a refurbished Broadcasting House. The project has been constructed in two phases...

St Matthew Academy

Education from start to finish — primary school to A level — is provided at this single complex, created through the Government's City Academies scheme. It's built on the playing field of an existing school, which remained open during construction. When the works were complete, the old school was demolished to make room for a new sports field.

Most of the teaching spaces are housed in two reinforced concrete wings, respectively two and three storeys high. The wings are neatly linked by an enclosed steel bridge and a triple height assembly hall. This and the sports hall are steel framed and clad in zinc tile and timber.

The assembly hall is spanned by a second enclosed bridge, so broad that it resembles a mezzanine floor. By suspending this structure from massive steel ...


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