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Mark Pniewski

Head of UK Building Specialist Division

T: +44 7436 274 650

I am enthusiastic about creative, practical design and collaborating with other disciplines to deliver buildable, holistic solutions.

As Head of the UK Building Specialist Division, Mark is responsible for a team of 50 engineers within Acoustics, Façades, Fire, Vertical Transport, Simulation and Computational Designers.

He has a natural passion for creativity, appreciation for aesthetics and building performance and fosters a collaborative approach with other disciplines to ensure the delivery of buildable, holistic solutions.

Mark's ability to apply and clearly communicate his knowledge of engineering principles with concept sketches is complimented by his competence in digital computational design and visualisation tools and abilities in advanced analysis and complex geometry. 

He uses his valuable site experience to inform designs which are practical to construct and has a particular aptitude for integrating the requirements of other building disciplines with efficient structural engineering and façade design.

Joining Ramboll in 2006 as a structural engineer he became chartered with the ICE specialising in Façade Engineering and has since completed an Executive MBA to bring solid business acumen to building engineering endeavours.


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London SE1 8NW
United Kingdom
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Company registration

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