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Ben Rowe

Project Director

T: +44 23 8081 7500

Over his 23 years with Ramboll, Ben has delivered on some of the UK’s most iconic buildings, including the National Graphene Institute and Mary Rose Museum and internationally he’s worked in sensitive and harsh climates, including the Falklands and the Antarctic.

Ben brings both clarity and momentum to projects through his involvement. He uses excellent communication skills to ensure that broad strategic thinking sets a platform and route through the design process to meet the client’s needs.

His most recent project involved the Halley VI Research Station relocation. Monitoring by British Antarctic Survey revealed that Halley VI, located on the Brunt Ice Shelf was sitting downstream of a crack that could have eventually cut the station off from the rest of the ice shelf. The relocation of the station further upstream moved it away from the crack to help ensure Halley’s continued safe operation into the future. As the structural advisor, Ben assessed the structural elements of the research station prior, during and post relocation. While Ben’s primary role was structural advisor, he also contributed to the project's overall management, supporting the Station Leader and the project team on other work required during the project. This pooling of resources is critical to maximising efficiencies during Antarctic operations, where working in extreme conditions requires great teamwork and collaboration. To find out more about this incredible project, read Ben's blog.

As a great collaborator and skilled in the design and coordination of solutions for complex projects, he is one of Ramboll’s highly experienced team leaders. His portfolio of work spans a broad range of sectors, including public and historic buildings, science and research laboratories, residential and commercial premises. His experience and practical common sense approach to solving problems enables him to make a valuable contribution to projects in which he is involved.

Recent projects

A477 St Clears to Red Roses road improvement scheme

The A477 road forms part of the Trans European Road Network (TERN), a strategic route linking mainland Europe with West Wales and Ireland. Ramboll was appointed transport and environmental consultant in an Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) form of contract to design and deliver a £47m improvement scheme.

Twin Sails Bridge

The competition-winning design for the second road bridge crossing in Poole Harbour is a steel bascule bridge known as ‘Twin Sails’ for its distinctive silhouette when open …

Brunei International Airport

Recommendations for refurbishment to achieve code F compliance.

Due to aging infrastructure and projected traffic growth, Brunei International Airport requires substantial refurbishment and upgrade of airside infrastructure.

Ramboll, in cooperation with Arcadis and Jurutera Tempatan, prepared an assessment of airside geometric requirements and review of available information on pavement and AGL infrastructure. The purpose was to provide recommendations for the scope of works necessary to most efficiently meet the future operational needs of the airport.

Hammersmith Flyover - Phase 2 refurbishment and strengthening (HFO2)

Phase 2 strengthening of the Hammersmith Flyover (HFO2), was a phenomenally complex £100m programme including innovative engineering solutions to install a full new prestress without removing the original. With 70,000 users every day on a key strategic route into London, the structure, which had been deteriorating due to significant corrosion, presented many technical, logistical, programme and political challenges.

Gibraltar Access Road and Tunnel

Ramboll produced an outline strategic brief to improve access between the city centre and airport, adjacent to the frontier with Spain. The objective, to provide for a free flow of traffic; currently interrupted by airfield operations where 600m of existing road crosses the runway.


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