Jesper Thomsen

Jesper W. Thomsen

Business Development Director, North Sea

T: +45 5161 2375

Jesper William Thomsen was the Branch Manager at Ramboll Oil & Gas in Abu Dhabi. Within just ten years, he went from student intern to project manager, and from interim Head of Department to Director of a new office. Jesper is now back in Denmark as a Director of Business Development. 

Impressive career portfolio

Jesper started his career in Ramboll Oil & Gas as an intern during his studies as chemical engineer. Straight after his graduation he was hired as process engineer in 2000. 

In 2007 he was appointed Project Manager, and shortly thereafter he was constituted as Head of Department when his manager became ill. When it was decided to start up a Ramboll Oil & Gas branch in Abu Dhabi, Jesper was asked to become the Branch Manager.

Man of opportunities

“My philosophy is to seize the opportunity when it’s there, it might be once in a lifetime. That said, I only wanted to accept the offer to become Branch Manager in Abu Dhabi if my family supported it and wanted to come with me. Luckily, they did,” says Jesper, who has a wife and a son. 

After the years in Abu Dhabi, Jesper can look back on some valuable experiences and gains, both on the personal and professional level.

“I have moved some personal boundaries for what I thought I was capable of and how adaptable my family and I have been. You really learn a lot about yourself and your values by living in a completely different culture. In this sort of position, it is important to constantly being on the look out for potential projects to extend our market share in tight competition with both local and international companies. We instantly need to prove our worth, and strong support from other Ramboll entities is of paramount importance,” he says.


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