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Together, we lead and leave an impact as sustainable society consultants

We partner with our clients to create sustainable societies where people and nature flourish. With our unique combination of technical excellence and socio-economic insights we deliver enduring structures, resource-efficient solutions and socially cohesive communities for today and tomorrow.

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Foundation ownership

From the outset, our founders had a clear vision for how a responsible company should act to create lasting value and ensure its long-term survival. 

Our unique foundation ownership helps ensure the long-term and independent development of the company, its employees and the communities we serve. 

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Ramboll. Halley VI Research Station. Image: British Antarctic Survey

Halley VI Research Station. Photo: British Antarctic Survey

Incorporating sustainability into everything we do

From digitalising our rail network and leading the way in district heating, to corporate climate adaptation strategies and undertaking a multitude of projects with the British Antarctic Survey, we believe our work has genuine significance for all of us.

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A collaborative culture nurturing inclusivity

Diversity and inclusion

Ramboll believes a diverse and inclusive organisation with highly engaged talent will collaborate to produce inclusive solutions that maximise social value and help create sustainable societies. Having an open and inclusive culture with behaviours that build trust and respect is critical in enabling our people to thrive and fulfil their potential.

Our D&I principles

Return to work programme

Talented people choose to pause their careers for a variety of reasons. By ringfencing flexible opportunities and providing additional support to ease the transition, we can help you back to a career you love.   

Return to work programme

Our mission, vision and values

Ramboll has always been a company driven by a sense of purpose and a strong set of values. Our Mission, Our Vision and Our Values are the core beliefs and ambitions that capture the essence of being Ramboll. They define our company purpose, what we strive to achieve, how we act and how we create value for our key stakeholders. 

Our Commitments are the promise we make to our clients, people, society and our company.

Our purpose and values