Tom Murtagh

Environment & Health, Compliance, Strategy, and Transaction, Leeds - UK

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"It’s great being part of a well-established company like Ramboll. Working with experts offering a diverse skill-set across a spectrum of disciplines generates more project opportunities and places us at the forefront of environmental and health consultancy."


Tom joined Ramboll’s Environment & Health (E&H) team in 2015. From food factories to engineering facilities, he works on myriad projects, helping clients to address environmental impacts and safeguard business continuity. 

A part of Ramboll’s Compliance, Strategy, and Transaction (CST) team, Tom conducts environmental due diligence assessments, produces audit reports, compiles permit applications and develops environmental management systems.

Tom says, “I love the variation of my job. I’m often out of the office undertaking site work, interacting with different companies. Every project presents unique challenges and opportunities for delivering innovative solutions. Although my job can be challenging, I’ve learned how to recognise limits and prioritise tasks to meet client expectations. Importantly, my role affords me the flexibility to juggle family commitments and meet work targets.”

Looking to the future, Tom predicts more cross-collaborate opportunities as Ramboll grows and recruits more senior staff members.



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Company registration

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