Toby Godfray

Environment & Health, Compliance, Strategy, and Transaction intern, London - UK

"I am grateful to Ramboll for giving me the opportunity to gain valuable experience whilst studying. I like the company's vision and how sustainability is it the heart of everything it does"


Toby is going into the last year of a Geography with Business degree at the University of Nottingham and came to Ramboll for a week’s experience in industry. 

Gaining insight

“On my first morning I discovered that Ramboll was responsible for the construction of the Oresund Bridge, connecting Malmo and Copenhagen - the site central to the BBC’s Scandinavian crime thriller ‘The Bridge’ -  and I knew I had underestimated the scale of Ramboll’s operations and its market strength.

“Ramboll differs from other multinationals, in that its vision to create a better world for tomorrow’s generation is at the heart of everything it does. As a geography student, sustainability crops up in nearly all sub-disciplines, but actually applying it to the business world and seeing how seriously firms are taking their corporate social responsibility has been eye-opening, and frankly encouraging. 

Lasting impression

“Given the range of teams in operation here, it’s been great to speak to various departments about what they do. From gaining actual project experience calculating greenhouse gas emissions for a global manufacturing client, to attending seminars on the importance of biophilia in the workplace, to gathering business intelligence for enhancing client relations, the work has been intriguing and definitely made me consider moving into this line of work following my time at university.

“The people in the Environment & Health carbon, energy & sustainability team were very welcoming and relatable. I would highly recommend other students to apply for work experience/internships here.” 



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Company registration

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