We support your professional training and development

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We believe that collaboration is a prerequisite for being truly innovative, and we foster a collaborative culture by encouraging our colleagues to share knowledge and work together across disciplines and borders.

Our leaders are measured by their ability to help you excel 

We have a formalised process for leadership training, and all leaders are evaluated in the annual employee satisfaction survey.

We invest in your development  

It is part of our company strategy to offer different career paths and invest in top class competence, quality, project management and innovation through training and education. 

We give you global possibilities 

Working for Ramboll is working for a global company. We have colleagues from all over the world, most of us are involved with international clients and projects, and some have the possibility to work abroad. 


Podcasts can be downloaded from our Ingenuity platform for sharing new and innovative ideas, insights and solutions to create sustainable societies. Discover more