Simon Benfield, Director and team leader for bridges

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Simon Benfield

Director, Bridges UK

T: +44 20 7631 5291

My job

I’m a project and people leader based in the Southampton office.

We work on projects across the full range of scale, structure type and project stage from small footbridges and gantries to world renown major crossings such as the Mersey Gateway and the Queensferry Crossing.

I lead teams of designers and modelling professionals working at the cutting edge of design technology. It is a diverse team with a culture of empowerment and personal ownership, which has enabled all to contribute equally. We have created and developed award winning designs for some of the most iconic bridge structures in the world.

Simon Benfield. Ramboll

Personal development

We are dedicated to the development of all of our team members, allowing them to grow both personally and professionally by providing as varied a diet of challenges as we can. All team members are encouraged to seek out new and innovative ways of working which will bring benefit to themselves, their colleagues and our clients.

Foundation ownership means our organisation is not fixated on financial results or short term KPI’s. Instead, our goal is to work as a team with equal voices to deliver results which provide the best solution for all those involved both internally and externally.

Our approach allows our people to grow to their potential. I myself joined the organisation over 30 years ago as a trainee technician working on a drawing board and have been afforded the opportunity to grow alongside my colleagues to a position where I can assist with and steer the development of those around me.

Delivering the right solution

Our aim is to provide the right solution, not the easiest solution, and we achieve this by engaging at a fundamental level with our clients and stakeholders to truly understand what drives both them and the projects we undertake. If its right to save an existing bridge we’ll save it. We believe that ‘do nothing’ is a valid solution if our clients are better served by that, and our design solutions are buildable and elegant.