Martin Burden, Consulting director for buildings

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Martin Burden

Consulting Director, Buildings

T: +44 7903 682 572

My job

I’m a design engineer, leading teams based in London. We work on high-end retail and high-rise and cross the world for leading designers.

World-class experts to call on

The things that give me the most joy of out of the job I do is probably the end-result. 

As a designer you need to follow a rhythm to get to an end. I enjoy explaining the vision, giving direction and seeing people deliver and assist in the whole process. 

At Ramboll there is also the freedom to work in a safe and supportive environment. We have worldwide experts that we can call on, we’ve got the facilities and the technology. 

The technology changes all the time so you keep having to learn new things, but if you understand why, and you go with it, the support is there. 

There’s a rigor, but there’s also a desire and a passion to innovate, be at the cutting edge of what we do - and that’s the fun bit. 

Dare to do the unexpected 

I like to say I’ve never said no to a project. I once said yes to doing a house extension for an architect for no fee. I’ve now worked with that client for 30 years. 

Saying yes to a mundane little thing like that means that you develop a relationship and a way of working, and I like to think from designing a house extension to a 50-storey building takes the same amount of care and the same amount of skill. 

Relationships that grow with you

I tell my graduates not to focus so much on what the work is but what’s involved in delivering the work - because that is the process in all projects, and if you can develop relationships working on the less glamorous jobs, the good ones come along.