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Every year, we are involved in more than 10,000 projects varying from iconic landmarks to local projects. And with 15,500 experts across the company, many of them internationally leading, you’ll never be short of inspiration from your colleagues.

"We can reach out to so many people with different backgrounds and fields of expertise, and I think that is one of the great things about our organisation.” - Filipe Ângelo, Chief Consultant, Offshore Wind.

Work on state-of-the-art projects 

With us you’ll be working on state-of-the-art projects within engineering, design and management consulting. We deliver some of the largest projects, shaping the future society, e.g. within mobility, green transition, and sustainable buildings, while we also deliver smaller project with immediate, positive impact on people’s lives. Read more about our projects.

We invest heavily in innovation 

We define innovation as our ability to develop and combine knowledge and technology so as to utilise it in our business in new and different ways. Our initiatives include a Digital Development Centre in India, a ‘Innovation Accelerator’ to mature ideas for the market, and funding of informal networks and employees’ ideas. 

Donations for PhD projects, research and education 

The Ramboll Foundation invests EUR 500,000 in Ramboll PhD projects annually. In 2017, the foundation gave an additional EUR 1.4 million to research and education, in particular within science and engineering.

In this video we describe Ramboll’s extensive international experience with some of the world’s longest and most technically challenging bridges and tunnels, including The Queensferry Crossing.

Working on The Queensferry Crossing

Renowned bridge engineer Peter Curran, who designed the world's first tilting bridge, led the design team for The Queensferry Crossing, which is one of the most striking engineering icons of the twenty-first century.

This magnificent project is a career highlight for the many Ramboll engineers involved, not least because they had the opportunity to draw inspiration from respected leaders in their field.

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