Mohammad Fazal, Geotechnical engineer

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Mohammad Fazal

Engineer, Ground Engineering

M: +44 7870 811 702

My job

As a geotechnical engineer I am responsible for the delivery of high quality projects and design consultancy providing efficient problem solving and ground engineering solutions. Within my team, I am tasked with employing sustainable design, reducing design waste and construction costs and risks where practicable. I am passionate about innovation, effectiveness and efficiency. It is a great career, and I have worked on projects located in Bangladesh, Denmark, Gibraltar, Qatar, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates and the UK.

What I love about being an engineer at Ramboll

Being an engineer at Ramboll, on a typical day, I get to deal with clients, I manage resources and coordinate design team meetings. I write reports and produce drawings and calculation spreadsheets, or I work on proposals for new projects. We have very modern facilities and up-to-date software/technologies in our offices. Our worldwide experts on various engineering disciplines are always available to help.

My favourite project

One of my favourite project I worked on was the A477 improvements between St Clears and Red Roses in South West Wales. The new road has made a difference to people’s everyday lives, improving safety and cutting journey times and, the project team won the prestigious George Gibby Award from ICE Wales Cymru.

My top tips to those starting their engineering career

Enjoy your works, complete them on time, and get a lot of satisfactions from it. Do not afraid to follow your instincts and implement what you believe is the best course of action.